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Insulated FRP PU Sandwich Panel for Refrigerated Truck Body Panel

Product features:

Light weight, good economic benefits
1. Totally enclosed polyurethane plate is used to bond FRP structure.
2. There is no metal framework and connector for refrigerated and insulated vehicles.
3. The car body is lighter than the similar products, which can effectively reduce the transportation cost.
Strong structure, durable
1. The chamber body is made of high molecular polyester material by hot pressing, and adopts a fully enclosed structure.
2. The integrated internal stiffener greatly increases the strength of the panel.
3. The plate is bonded with high strength and high sealing adhesive to form a whole and has good corrosion resistance.
Good thermal insulation performance to meet the transportation needs
1. Sandwich pressing method is adopted to ensure that there is no air gap in the board
2. There is no metal cold bridge and the thermal conductivity is low

Product parameters
ItemInsulated FRP PU Sandwich Panel for Refrigerated Truck Body Panel
Thickness of face material:0.8mm~3.5mm FRP plate
Face materialFiberglass ( FRP)
Inside core materialFRP plywood panel,FRP XPS panel ,FRP PU foam panel
Surface TreatmentSmooth
Curing Degree (A)40
Thickness 33, 43, 63, 83, 103mm
Warranty1 year
WidthCustomize, <2800mm
Thickness of inside coreCustomize
FeatureAll kinds of colors(RAL)
Surface: smooth
Special specification and colors according to customer request production
Easy to clean and install
Excellent UV / weathering protection
corrosion resistance

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